Economic Plan for Northern Wisconsin: 3 point solution

  • The State of Wisconsin must continue to ease the tax burden on manufacturing if the state intends to attract new employers and to insure that existing businesses can afford to remain a central part of our communities. Governor Walker has pushed legislation that will nearly eliminate the income tax on manufacturing business in Wisconsin. As your representative, I will maintain support for this measure. Global economies have always required states to provide a competitive business environment to protect local markets.
  • One in every 13 jobs is sustained by tourism in Wisconsin. Without tourism in Wisconsin, every family would have to pay an additional $575 a year in new taxes. As your representative, I shall focus on encouraging and developing tourism.
  • Govern Walker’s efforts to put a greater emphasis on our technical educational system require legislative support. As your representative, I will improve collaboration between business and educational communities to insure that Wisconsin can lead in jobs training and growth.

Local Control

Local control means local control all of the time, not just times when it is politically convenient. As your next State representative, I will work hard to put our communities on a path of independence from state and federal influences. As Mayor of Rice Lake, I became well aware of the expensive, redundant, time-consuming hoops that villages, townships, cities, and school boards must jump through as they seek to improve the lives of their friends and neighbors. The leaders of our individual communities have their fingers on the pulse of the public. I will work to return decision-making power to the local level.


As a recent product of our educational system, I look forward to taking my experiences and finding ways to eliminate our failures and build upon our successes. I have experienced education in a Catholic K-8 and in a public High School. I spent two years at the UW Barron County University located in Rice Lake, and I spent one year at a nearby four-year University. I have also experienced waiting lists at a technical University. These recent experiences have opened my eyes to the realities of our educational system today. As your next state representative, I look forward to working with taxpayers and educators (not government bureaucrats) to find common sense solutions that empower our schools, parents, and educators. We must remember that our school system is critically important not only to our neighbors and families, but to our business community as well.
While Wisconsin is a local-control state, the rights of the public are not adequately defined in those state statutes. Unfortunately, parents and citizens often face stumbling blocks when trying to exercise local control of schools. As your state representative, I will author legislation which will better define the rights of parents and citizens in forming educational policies at the local level. This legislation will empower teachers and assure that they enjoy the decision-making authority that is granted to other professionals.

  • Voted to add $200 million to our K-12 Schools.
  • Voted to allow grade sharing as well as greater flexibility in the SAGE program in order to give our rural schools greater management tools.
  • Passed a budget amendment that saved the Chetek-Weyerhaeuser School District millions.
  • Passed a Rural Teacher Loan Forgiveness program that gives our teachers the same opportunity for help as those teaching in Milwaukee.

Term Limits

The vast majority of Americans, regardless of party affiliation, support term limits on almost every level of government. This should include Madison politicians. For the last 34 out of 36 years, the 75th Assembly seat has been held by the same two families. Term limits are essential in order to ensure that new blood has a chance to overcome entrenched politicians. Without term limits, creation and innovation becomes stifled. It is time we have a State Representative that is willing to challenge and call out any politician who stands in the way of these common sense reforms.